Managing Stories

  • Save images from blog post to new folder within Dropbox
    //Dropbox/ site/image/stories/SHORT-VERSION-TITLE

  • Size & Optimize images

    • 2,500 wide by any size tall, for home feature image

    • 1,500 wide by any size tall for lead and any body images (i.e. galleries)

    • Use ImageOptim to shrink image file size

  • Duplicate existing blog post for new version

    • Update title

    • Set categories

    • Set author

    • Update hero and summary copy

    • Update body

      • Use sub-headlines whenever possible (SEO & scanning)

    • Optionally update image gallery and/or video

    • Customize the services promo panel at the bottom

    • Set date

  • Optional

    • Create new author


Detailed Steps

Gary Ricke