Mary Patrick

chief executive officer and managing partner


Mary Kelley Patrick joined JT in 1985, following two years in public affairs with the American Red Cross. She was named managing partner of JT in January 2011 and CEO in February 2018.

During her tenure at JT, she has directed literally hundreds of public affairs projects, supervising major local and national outreach and media campaigns, high-profile crisis management projects, public education initiatives and internal communications challenges, tackling issues such as national healthcare reform, mergers and acquisitions, not-for-profit services, higher education, transgender rights, fraternity hazing, product recalls, and world hunger, among others. Over the years, she has managed a number of statewide legislative and regulatory initiatives in Illinois, the Midwest and other parts of the country.

In the thick of a crisis, Mary is on the front lines providing strategic counsel, drafting messages, preparing questions and answers, advising on rapid response and identifying and training spokespersons. She has also developed customized crisis communications plans for multiple clients, including not-for-profits, government and business.

Mary conducts media and message training and presentation skills training, and she also co-developed a “Difficult Dialogues” training seminar, helping thousands communicate effectively when the news is tough.

Mary graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications from Miami University. She spent two years as part of an alumni committee from all over the country working to update and improve Miami’s communications curriculum, and recently received a Miami University Distinguished alumni award. She has guest-lectured on multiple college campuses and in other settings about public relations and crisis management.


What would you be doing if you weren’t working at jt?

Clearly, I have no idea or I wouldn’t have stayed at JT for over three decades!
— Mary Patrick
  • Named CEO of Jasculca Terman in 2018ν

  • Directs projects including national outreach and media campaigns and high-profile crisis management projectsψ

  • Provides strategic counsel during crisisξ

  • Conducts media and message trainingο

  • Co-developed “Difficult Dialogues” training seminarω

  • Recipient of the Miami University Distinguished alumni awardπ

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