Marci May

senior vice president


Since joining JT in 2001, Marci has managed public affairs, media, and grassroots community relations campaigns for diverse corporate, public and non-profit clients.

As a media strategist, Marci has helped dozens of organizations expand their profiles through high-profile earned media coverage showcasing their initiatives and expertise. She leads media trainings and counsels executives on how to serve as more effective spokespeople, identifying the right messages to deliver in interviews. She also works with clients to manage crisis communications.

Marci has led successful policy advocacy campaigns in Chicago and Springfield, covering transportation, municipal finance, healthcare and more. She has also worked extensively in higher education and on environmental and energy policy communications at the national and local level.

She led the media logistics team for the grand opening of the Mohammed Ali Center in Louisville which attracted media from around the world and featured dignitaries such as President Clinton, Angelina Jolie and Jim Carey.

Several campaigns managed by Marci have received Platinum and Golden Trumpet Awards from the Publicity Club of Chicago.

Outside of JT, Marci enjoys cycling, gardening and reading—although these days her young twins keep her pretty busy. Marci has a master’s degree in literature from the University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Most memorable JT moment

The grand opening of the Muhammad Ali Center and sneaking Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the back entrance to avoid media.
— Marci May
  • Joined Jasculca Terman in 2001ν

  • Secures high-profile media coverage for dozens of organizationsρ

  • Leads media trainingsο

  • Project manager for successful policy advocacy campaigns in Chicago and Springfieldψ

  • Led media logistics for the opening of the Mohammed Ali Centerμ

  • Recipient of Platinum and Golden Trumpet Awards from the Publicity Club of Chicagoξ

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