Madison Howard

junior account executive


Madison joined JT in October 2018 after completing a six-month internship on the Public Affairs team.

Madison brings her writing skills to a variety of JT clients including the Illinois Biotechnology Innovation Organization (iBIO), BP, ForwARd Arkansas and Brookfield Zoo. For iBIO, she has been an instrumental part in the production of thoughtful and engaging stories for their bi-monthly newsletter that is distributed to legislators and member companies.

Madison is currently completing her master’s degree in health communication at DePaul University where she also serves as an adjunct professor. She brings an in-depth understanding of the complex healthcare landscape to the team which serves as an asset in communicating difficult information in an effective and impactful way.

Before joining JT, Madison attended Butler University, where she graduated in May 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in strategic communications and political science with a concentration in public relations. She has also worked as an advocacy and communications intern at various healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

Madison is a member of Lurie Children’s Hospital’s Young Associates Board (YAB).


White sox or cubs?

The White Sox through and through because I’m a Cardinals fan, so I can’t root for the rival.
— Madison Howard
  • Joined Jasculca Terman in 2018ν

  • Contributes to Illinois Biotechnology Innovation Organization (iBIO) and BP Americaψ

  • Helps lead Beware of B, a patient advocacy campaignο

  • Secures media for Brookfield Zooρ

  • Completing master’s degree at DePaul Universityπ

  • Member of Lurie Children’s Hospital’s Young Associates Board (YAB)ξ

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